Intelligent Vending Machine

Intelligent Vending Machine

Brainy helps you to reduce the total costs of ownership by a faster solution development and implementation.

To improve and reinforce the services of traditional vending machines, EMBCORE has provided an intelligent solution to facilitate their functions. The smart solution, called Brainy, offers exceptional shopping experiences to the customers all over the world and has completely changed our typical view towards vending machines of the past.

Along with the coming of the Internet of Things (IoT) age and its increasing prevalence in our daily lives, Brainy supports Intel® RealSense™ technology through EMBCORE’s “UP” board, a credit-card-size single board computer. The UP Board in conjunction with Brainy, this EMBCORE solution can be easily integrated with additional features such as digital advertising, marketing or consumer gesture recognition, as necessary. In addition, being certified by Microsoft Azure, Brainy can also provide several additional services, such as central pricing management and real-time sales data analytics.

The cloud-based technology, the internet connection and flexible expansion of board connectivity enables the intelligent vending machines to embrace the following dynamic features:

Mobile & Efficient Management

1. SMART Stocking Control
Operators can access a mobile dashboard application 24/7 to retrieve real-time transactions and data analysis of sales performance, which leads the operators to data and management of inventory stock levels to optimize the restocking route and effectively maximise the revue opportunities.

2. SMART Hardware Maintenance
Instant visibility through remote monitoring capability can proactively notify of any potential technical issues that need to be addressed prior to machine failure.

3. SMART Target Marketing
Integrated with a RealSense™ camera in the intelligent vending machine, real-time consumer behavior/demographic reports allow the operators to gather product campaign feedback instantaneously. For instance, product preference by which group of people in terms of their age, gender and location, allowing more time to take business strategies to the next level.

Interactive & Exceptional Customer Service

1. SMART Interaction
In the vending industry, touch screen and hand gesture recognition are two attractive features to end users, as it provides them with a more engaging purchase experience, hence increase potential revenue.

2. SMART Payment Option
The intelligent machine brings great convenience to consumers, as it allows for a variety of payment methods, such as debit or credit cards, mobile wallet, QR code or internet payment, by which the customers can indirectly win product promotions and operators can add more products with a higher value into the machines.Intelligent vending machines, also referred to as smart or digital vending machines, reduce management costs and create more business opportunities for manufacturers, operators and even wholesale distributers.

The development of Brainy is expected to help manufacturers and operators reduce service costs while adding value. Meanwhile, the customers are provided with an improved vending transaction experience. For more information, please visit